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Photo Courtesy of Sky Mountain Wild Horse Sanctuary

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One Mission
Expressed Many Ways

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While charitable nonprofits serve their communities, New Mexico Thrives serves the New Mexico nonprofit sector. New Mexico Thrives helps nonprofits navigate inequitable systems to increase opportunities for themselves and their communities.

 Women Volunteers

NM Nonprofit Compensation Report

Coming August 2024

Nonprofit Info
by County

County Level Info Sheets

$3.22 Billion

NM Nonprofits Economic Output in 2019

$471 Million

Generated by Tourist Events Managed by Nonprofits

1 in 13

People in NM in the private workforce are employed by nonprofits

19.7% / 46.2%

19.7% people in NM volunteered / 46.2% helped neighbors

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Consultants & Services Providers

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Nonprofit Events

New Mexico Thrives Events

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Other Events

This will list upcoming online events and local events hosted by other nonprofits

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