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About New Mexico Thrives

Our Organization

New Mexico Thrives is the state nonprofit association providing research, advocacy, and services for the state’s nonprofit sector. This includes information and guidance on state and federal issues affecting nonprofits as well as education and support for nonprofit staff and boards. New Mexico Thrives also educates policy makers about the vital role of nonprofits in New Mexico and engages with legislators and administrators to increase understanding and promote effective partnering.

Our Mission

New Mexico Thrives advocates for the nonprofit sector, and offers services and support to promote, strengthen, and connect organizations so they in turn may better serve their communities.

Our Values

  • Respectful: Active listening, appreciating diversity and recognizing experience and expertise from multiple cultural contexts.

  • Collaborative: Transparent sharing of information and ideas to accelerate learning and improve outcomes

  • Adaptive and nimble: the organization is constantly evolving, we recognize that our future is shaped by the actions we take today.

  • Accountability and integrity: how results are accomplished is as important as the result. 

  • Proactive: reaching beyond the status quo and anticipating needs and identifying opportunities.

  • New Mexico Thrives honors the land and cultural traditions of New Mexico, recognizing the diversity of our communities and the nonprofits serving them.  Grounded in the history of this land and its peoples, New Mexico Thrives is committed to transformative ways of working that honor relationships to bring healing and equity.


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Tsiporah Nephesh

Tsiporah Nephesh founded New Mexico Thrives to uplift the vital role of nonprofits in New Mexico’s communities. To be the collective voice of New Mexico’s nonprofits and advocate for legislative policies that will enhance their work and benefit communities. 

Advisory Board

New Mexico Thrives is fiscally sponsored by the Center of Southwest Culture. The Advisory Board guides and informs the work of New Mexico Thrives.

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